When a client tries to choose a hearing aids they are often overwhelmed by the choices and the price range. The reason for this is attributed to large variations in prices, discounts and performance. Did you know that most hearing clinics have a tie up with a specific brand of hearing aids and have business targets? 

But we at Ear Science Centre are DIFFERENT. We work with all the leading manufacturers of hearing aids. We test and compare them on technical grounds and price to performance ratio. We are under no pressure or obligation to choose a particular manufacturer of hearing aid. We educate our clients on their options and help them to take the right decisions. This way our clients are ensured that they are getting the best possible hearing aids for their needs at the right price. 
Our hearing technology partners are

All our clients are promised 100% satisfaction guarantee and are entitled to “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”. Our clients can wear the hearing aids of their choice for few days at their home. Once a client is satisfied with the outcomes they can then decide to purchase the hearing instruments

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